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I have always belived that ANY person older than 18 should date ANYONE they wish!! If the younger person wants to have sex or what ever, its their own business and no one else's.I know of a case that a woman in her late 40's dated one of her sons friends who was 24 years younger and they married after dating for 5 years! it is just a norm in society thats why sometimes other people cant accept this easily. i dont think so, as said, it is how some in society thinks /trained.Long story short, I have had 4 children to my beautiful wife, the chemistry and romance is still burning very bright after 17 years of marriage and her friends at work don't refer to me as the husband but " the boyfriend" because I still treat her like her like we are still dating. I talk dirty to her on phone when I'm away on business trips and we spend time together each week regardless of how busy we are with the kids.To the ladies out there, I was a typical guy who found older women totally hot, I'm married to one and love being her cub toy boy.We are equals and I never try to be domineering ( except bedroom sometimes).It's her choice if she wants to work or not and I support and love her on any decision she makes.

as long as there is real love, understanding and respect i dont see what is wrong with that.

I landed my 6.1 ft Prince Charming, we are married now and expecting our first baby (7 months ), I was very clucky around him. I'm 34 dating a 21 yr old and was starting to panic a little thinking about the age difference.

I moved to Australia to be with him and our life is going great. I'm getting used to it but sometimes it gets to me.

She is very confident and it drives me wild seeing a mature beautiful confident women who has life experience.

Incase your wondering she wasn't rich or anything like that just average, I am a Senior Manager in the Resource Sector and the main bread winner.

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