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The film received critical acclaim when it was released (including an interview with its director on the Charlie Rose show), but it is now hard to find, other than from Amazon.

Be sure to also assign the viewing of the interview with the young director, Greenbaum, in the digital video disk (DVD) “extras.” His insightful comments about how he came to create the film that became add an important element to the educational value of the film.The result is a film that cleverly blurs the line between reality and fiction.To create the framework and atmosphere of the film, Greenbaum uses short snippets of sounds and images from a real-life nursing home and skillfully weaves them together to present a rich tapestry of daily life in a long-term care facility.Based on a play (same title) by Ronald Harwood, the film portrays a series of events at Beecham House, a retirement home for gifted musicians in the United Kingdom.The retirement home is a magnificent structure set on an English estate.

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