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The famous Clooney charm was on full beamand the fact that this was the movie's fourth premieredid not seem to have dented his enthusiasmfor flesh-pressing.

No wonder he's so cheerful: he is being hailed asthe King of Hollywood thanks to the film's successand positive previews of a new movie, Leatherheads,about the early days of American football,in which he stars and directs.

Inevitably, there is speculation that this honed new figure is down to plastic surgeryrather than willpower.

Pictures of him inswimming trunks with a curious lineacross his abdomen led to talk of atummy tuck or liposuction.

Dr Jan Stanek, a leading British cosmeticsurgeon who does not treat Clooney, said: "It is very unusual for mento go for cosmetic surgery, but there aresome minimally invasive procedureswhich can have a rejuvenating effect onthe skin's appearance."If you are talking about somebody like Clooney, who is in the public eye, there isa pressure to look good all the time.

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He has been single sincehe split from former British model Lisa Snowdon in 2005 — and eventhat was a long-distance relationship,where the topic of living together, letalone getting married, was entirely offlimits.

Since putting on three stone for his role as a CIA agent in the 2005 espionage thriller Syriana,he has embarked on a major diet Once hereached his old weight (10st 3lb), it seems hedecided to keep going.

He appears to be thinnerthan ever — and shows no signs of stopping.

It seemslikely that this is just a crease in his skin— and the result of his dramatic slimmingdown. But his publicist, Stan Rosenfield,insists that the Oscar-winning actor wasjust kidding when he confessed — andtold the Mail this week: "George has hadno surgery of any kind."Clooney does, though, look rather lesstired than he used to.

In the spring, he once again sparked aslew of speculation that he'd had cosmeticwork when he said in an interviewthat he had undergone eye surgery. So, might he haveresorted to injections of the musclefreezingdrug Botox?

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