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The political upheavals of 1948 froze production until 1952, when the Dead Sea Works was established.This, today, forms the basis of a modern industrial complex which markets its products to over 65 countries on five continents.

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The need to feed the growing world population and the development of innovative methods of agricultural production have, together, created a mounting demand for agricultural fertilizers based on the three most important elements for plants - potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

The solutions produced in the carnallite ponds in the Dead Sea, contain bromine at a concentration 140 times higher than in normal seawater.

This provides the raw material for a large bromide plant that has branches located around the world.

The Dead Sea Works holds the concessions for development of the Dead Sea resources, the sea bottom, and the water to the west and south.

In fact, any activity along the shore of the southern basin and south of it is subject to the agreement of the company and is conditional upon non-interference and non-competition with its own operations.

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