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Guys also appreciate your vulnerability, so don't be so guarded and afraid of rejection that you give him the wrong message. Just like before, though, remember that this is not the time to become complacent.

This is the time when you both are feeling each other out for a more long term possibility.

Conversation flows easily, and maybe you even move on from your meeting spot to dinner or to walk around town. At the end of the date he tells you he had a good time, that you're prettier than your pictures, and that he'll call you. You review in excruciating detail what you said, what he he said. Maybe you shouldn't have told him about that bad date you had two weeks ago. You go out with your friends after work and drink too much wine. You force yourself to the gym to get your mind off him. Perhaps a better question to ask yourself: Why I would let myself waste all that mental and emotional energy, assuming blame for a dead-end date?

On your way home, you allow yourself to be excited. You call your friends and tell them you finally had a date with a seemingly normal, good-looking guy, and you could tell he was attracted. You stay up too late searching around Facebook, Instagram, checking to see if he's been active on his dating site. They talk you out of texting Boy Wonder to see what's up and to tell him how much fun you had meeting him last weekend. Waking exhausted with a headache, you question your sanity. Here's the deal--there are a huge range of possibilities why people don't choose to pursue or re-contact their date.

Men would be thrilled to be contacted by a confident and attractive woman. You can modernize this paradigm by choosing to focus on the thrill of the chase. It means that you are recognizing that there is something special there, and you're committing yourself to finding out if you are good long-term partners. You're still dating, and you have a responsibility not to get lazy.

Admit it: if a guy is overly available, eager, or hyper-focused on you, you can end up feeling claustrophobic, and you may lose interest. It's human nature to enjoy a bit of a challenge; to pique curiosity, to keep us sharp, and because it's exciting. Have your own life, your interests, and your activities. Women: You've been patient, and you've allowed your guy to come to the brilliant conclusion that you are indeed worth giving up those other women for, and now you can enjoy this awesome guy that you agreed to give up all those other guys for.

So instead of playing mind-games with her, in hopes that you'll appear like The Man: tell her what you want, and close with a plan: Then do it. ") and don’t say you’re going to do it unless you mean it, whether it’s calling or texting on the appointed day, or showing up on time.

You don't need to worry about whether she likedto see her again.

Given the online dating format, waiting for a man to contact you would be patently absurd. Ladies, for good or ill, playing "hard to get" has historically been your game to play. If you're ready to ask her to be exclusive, tell her that you like her better than all the other women you've met, and that you'd like her to be your girlfriend. And don't panic: once you're dating exclusively, it doesn't mean that you're engaged, or that you just over committed yourself.

Yes, women tend to be more nurturing than guys, so nurture away, but be resolute about keeping some things sacred for yourself.

Playing "hard to get" is really just another description for not being predictable, and not being so eager to become a couple that you lose yourself in the process.

She has mixed the Laundry List with the Demands Made of the Other Person profile. Who can argue with "compassionate," "values family and friends," and "has a positive attitude." Many dating profiles that list demands list icky, creepy demands that make the woman sound like a bitch-waiting-to-be-unleashed. Then break the list apart, mixing them into the earlier section (where she describes herself).

Many online dating services the writers to write long lists, with prompts such as "List All Your Favorite Books." This writer, a 49 year-old woman, has created an example of something else: a hybrid dating profile. However, she does get a higher grade because most of these "demands" are quite sweet. Cut the list down to four or five, choosing the most important ones.

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