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I have check on the picture they stand next together while peter crouch loose down abit but his shoulder height look to be 2.5" taller than Declan Donnelly.

First of all i thought of Declan Donnelly is only 5'4 and Ant Mcpartlin 5'7.5 not tall as rob and simon cowell just 5'8 and that makes right whom i think of crouch being 6'8 easily said on 4/Dec/15Haha just watched I'm a celebrity ant asks Dec how big he is and he says five foot six.

I'm actually 5'9 and I often wear heels which make me 6ft. said on 15/Dec/[email protected] Sandy Cowell Incredibly my comment from 3 days ago is the first time I have commented on the pages of Ant or Dec! Both are extremely talented and likeable people and they have a great sense of humour too!

Celebrities you meet are often small, like Ant and Dec. I was on SM:tv live once and I did this sketch where I had to stand up so I towered above him. It is great that they are best friends in real life as well as colleagues!

Thompson, ex-girlfriend of Declan Donnelly, was stopped in her black Porsche and was found to be over the legal drink drive limit.

Then goes silent for a second before adding and a half. Think that's his height first thing in the morning.

Just sounds so desperate said on 3/Dec/14This is the first year I've not watched I'm a Celebrity. They used to be good but nowadays they're mostly all Z listers looking to become famous or regain their "fame".

Declan Joseph Oliver Donnelly (aka Dec) is a British television personality, producer and presenter, who was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1975.

He firstly appeared on the big screen as an actor in a TV Show ‘Byker Grove’, which was aired from 1989 to 2006.

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