God online dating

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If a girl sticks, it is more likely that she’s in need of attention at that moment.

Given the HUGE number of emails they get, it has more to do with her mood than your race.

But, since you first date IS you first face to face meeting, online dates usually take a little longer. All the girls I’ve been out with were average weight to skinny.

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Enter online dating: engines asking you more questions than an inquisitive 6-year-old.Age range should be 18-49, no Asian girls or black girls, unless they are exceptionally beautiful 4.Let me know if you have any questions, here are my logins My 5 Messages and instructions to my “dating strategist” assistant:1. I’m adopting you as my little sister so we can drink kool-aid and climb trees. Serious question: let’s say I’m taking you out for sushi: one reason or another I’m starving, I haven’t eaten anything all day and you’re in the shower. 30 minutes and you look hot, and I can’t keep my hands off you?POF in general has less educated, less serious, and younger girls.Message 3 (Options opener) and 4 (Hair opener) work better on OKCupid. Maybe the girls are more educated and like the multiple choice type question. None of the girls I dated I ended up hooking up with, which is interesting given my status as a PUA.

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