Hilary duff dating hockey player

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They are tough, active, aggressive.”Fisher adds that the major societal trends across the globe of more women entering the work force and playing sports themselves likely also factor into hockey’s ratings gains among women.Where 30 years ago it may have been considered weird for a women to watch an aggressive, physical sport like hockey, football, or boxing unless she was doing it for a man, today no one gives a second glance to a lone woman or a group of women sipping a beer and taking in a game at a bar. The holiday season leaves you feeling just lumpy and vulnerable enough to spend actual money on a personal trainer.

Now, however, suburban mothers and career women are getting hip to what these famous starlets have known for a while: Hockey players are sexy.“I watch the games with my husband and I have no idea who anyone is,” says Sue Loeb, a mother of two from Clifton, New Jersey, whose husband, Dan, is a rabid New York Rangers fan.

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Her and Jason's Insta-PDA likely means Hilary's days of being a self-professed "Tinder animal" are over.

Sorry, internet daters, you had your chance and you blew it.

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