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I’ve only watched one episode so it’s unfair to judge, but the programme is already trying to convince me that spin doctors have a shred of integrity, loyalty, and even, unbelievably, nobility!Sorry, I just don’t think I can continue to watch stuff that is wildly implausible even if it is full of Gallic kissing and shrugging.Back in 1935 he wrote a book entitled based on his experience as a screenwriter there.As the title suggests, it explores the vacuity and money-driven emptiness that is Hollywood.And when it doesn’t, it’s time to turn to the subtitled stuff.

So much so that I’m sure they’ll start charging for you to view it soon, so you better watch ’em while you can. I am no longer in danger of being labelled ‘The Blockbuster Prowler’. To be clear, I don’t always make a bee-line for the foreign films.Don’t get me wrong now, I enjoy a good ol’ shoot-em-up as much as the next man. I’ve been researching the author Liam O’Flaherty recently, a reasonably famous yet under-appreciated Irish writer.again features a bunch of police who seem to inhabit a swimming pool-type building near the unceasingly grey and miserable northern French coast.They are investigating a stabbing at a football match.

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