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It is, if not the largest inland county in the kingdom, at least the largest but one. having in 1669, married Judith, eldest daughter of Thomas Edwardes the elder, by Frances, daughter of John Aldersey, of Spurstom and Aldersey, in the county of Chester, Esq. The parish of West Felton, in the upper division of the hundred of Oswestry, contains the townships of 1. The Market here was discontinued in the year 1730, but a fair for sheep is still held on Midsummer day. The parish of Kinnerley, contains the townships of 1. In the time of William Rufus it was possessed by the Fitz-alans. William Wilson, William Smith, and Joseph Londale, Esquires.Indeed, the only one that competes with it is Wiltshire, which is stated in the publick documents to be 1,379 square miles in area, while that of Shropshire is set down in the same authorities at 1,341. The old mansion house of Kilhendre was a curiosity, as showing the superiority in comforts which modern structures possess. The castle was demolished by Stephen, and so effectually, that not a vestige of it now remains, and it is even uncertain where it was situated. The parish of Ellesmere, contains the townships of 1. While most other towns, many of them of far inferior pre.But in these statements, it is admitted that no allowance is made for detached parts. The parish of Oswestry, contains the townships of 1. The rooms were low, gloomy and inconvenient, a large Hall occupying half the house. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Melverley was sold by Henry Earl of Arundel, to Thomas Young, Archbishop of York. Willaston purchased it of the Archbishop, and shortly after sold it to the Earls of Craven, in whose hands it remained till the year 1780, when it became the property of the Earl of Powis, by purchase. tensions, had been advancing in the scale of internal improvement, HISTORY OF SHREWSBURY. Its streets continued almost as narrow and crooked as they had been for centuries before, its pavement of the rudest description, its thinly scattered lamps diffusing little more than a visible darkness, and its air polluted by the exhalations of open kennels.Fuller in his "Worthies of England," states it to be "the largest land-lock shire in England," not excepting Wilts, with which he compares it. (Lower) The increase of population in Sellatyn parish is attributed to the number of cottages built upon land cultivated since 1811. Some passages leading to nothing, and others made to favour escape from behind the tapestried walls. The present house and demesnes were alienated in 1800, and soon after purchased by the present owner, Mr. The manor includes the whole of the parish, and also the township of Tir y coed, in the parish of Kiunerley. The chapel is of no value in the King's Books, and belonged formerly to Llandrinio Parish, in the county of Montgomery, the rector of which place is patron. A detached part of the hundred of Pimhill, viz., the chapelry of Albrighton, is surrounded by Shrewsbury liberties. These and similar nuisances were occasioned by the scanty provisions of the Street Act of twenty nine George the second; the funds created by which were so limited as to prevent the possibility of incurring any expenses in order to remove those grievances.The exact boundaries of these provinces are not known.] the principal stations in Antonine's Itinerary are Uriconinm, or Viroconium, now Wroxeter, Mediolanum, near Drayton, and Rutunium near Wem. A path for foot passengers which before existed only in a few parts, has been secured by curb stones, and flagged or paved with brick or small pebbles.Antiquaries differ respecting the position of the two last, but with regard to the former there is little doubt that it was a chief city of the Cornavii founded and fortified by the Romans. It was resolved at the beginning of 1823, to underdrain the streets by common sewers; and this grand measure is in great part accomplished. improvements are carrying on, or in contemplation, particularly in the widening of Dogpole and Ox Lane; the removal of St.

When the Roman empire declined, and the country became a prey to more barbarous invaders, this portion of it was the theatre of long and sanguinary contests between the Britons and the Saxons, being held by the former as part of the kingdom of Powisland, of which Peugwerne, now Shrewsbury, was the capital. The parish of Whittington, contains the townships of 1. Yet it must be acknowledged, that when the Committee have done all that lies in their power, Shrewsbury will be far from possessing that degree of cleanliness and comfort, which the declivity of its streets renders practicable, and which would accord so well with the eminent beauty of its situation.

The precise extent of territory, denominated the Marches, is difficult to define. On the northwest borders adjoining Denbighshire, the soil lies over strata of coal and limestone, and perhaps the summits of the hills in this district, are the highest in the county; their bases being upon high ground. The population of this hundred, in 1821, was 17,189, the number of inhabited houses, 3,346, the number of families, chiefly employed in agriculture 1,665, in trade and manufactures, 1,300.

During the time of the Saxons, the Severn was considered the ancient boundary between England and Wales; the lands conquered by Offa on the western side of that river were annexed to the kingdom of Mercia, and afterwards incorporated with the monarchy, by Alfred the Great. The hundred of Clun, commonly called the honour of Clun.

This work answered very little purpose as a line of defence, or even of boundary: the Welch continued their incursions far into the borders, and in their hasty retreats often carried with them immense spoil to their native mountains, pursuing the mode of warfare common to all savage nations.

In the ninth century, when the Danes invaded the island, and by their formidable and unremitting incursions seemed to threaten its total subjection, this part of the kingdom of Mercia, though it suffered less than others, came in for a share of the general calamity, and its chief city, Uriconium, was destroyed.

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