Ocs 2016 address book not updating

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As a Platoon Leader, you owe it to your Platoon Sergeant to do their initial counseling with them in writing.You owe it to them to tell them what you expect of them, even if you don’t have much experience or know what you are doing yet.This includes: completing your OER Support Form, updating your military biography, establishing platoon goals, preparing a first draft NCOER and preparing a NCOER Support Form.You can get examples of most of these documents from your Company XO or Company Commander.

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Moreover, you will create a paper trail to support your NCOER bullets.

Even if they already know how to do their job (which they probably do) they still need to hear it from you!

Other Posts You Might Enjoy: Tips for Success During the Platoon Sergeant initial counseling session, you can discuss your leadership style, performance expectations, the unit mission and anything else you deem important. You should spend at least four to six hours preparing for the Platoon Sergeant initial counseling.

Why It’s Important The Platoon Sergeant initial counseling will have a huge impact on your working relationship with your Platoon Sergeant.

If you conduct the counseling like you are supposed to, and tell them what you expect of them, there’s a good chance the two of you will work well together.

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