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After that remove those screws and pull the drive from the laptop.

About four years ago now the company I work for were investing in some new servers for a project that we were working on and what turned up were quad LGA1366 socket Xeons with support for up to 192Gb of memory.

An optical disc drive with a SATA connector is not interchangeable with an optical disc drive with a slim ATAPI connector and vice versa.

In other words, if your laptop motherboard comes with a SATA connector for the optical drive, you can only use CD/DVD drives with SATA connectors.

Most modern laptops are equipped with a CD/DVD-RW drive also known as an optical disc drive which allows it to read and write data from or to a CD/DVD disc.

All laptop CD/DVD drives are shaped the same but they all have different face plates also know as front bezels.

On the picture above you can see three different laptop CD/DVD drives with different face plates/front bezels.

When you are replacing a failed CD/DVD drive, you have to make sure that the face plate from the old drive will fit your new drive.

The worst issues seem to be with dual-CPU configurations.

I got it from Quiet PC in the UK and managed to grab a B-grade bargain at £139, that’s a £50 reduction on the full price and I couldn’t tell what made it B-grade because it looks perfect to me. I can confirm what the online reviews say when they describe this case as being massive. I expect that if it were hollowed out then I could fit my current Fractal Design tower case inside it.

It swallows the Z800 motherboard as if it were designed for it. I mentioned before that the motherboard mounting holes do not match up with the corresponding holes in the case’s motherboard tray.

In order to connect a Slimline SATA optical CD/DVD drive to a desktop computer, you’ll have to purchase the Slimline SATA Cable.

If you are replacing the CD/DVD disc drive in your laptop with a new one, make sure your new drive is compatible with the laptop.

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