Who is matt bomer dating now

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We’re used to staring in awe at the 36-year-old actor with the piercing blue eyes, so suave and debonair in White Collar and so astonishingly chiseled as a male stripper in Magic Mike.

But we’re not used to simply being in awe of him, as we are—and you’ll soon be—after watching his devastating performance in The Normal Heart.

His TV show White Collar isn't just about the eye candy though, oh no!

It's a gripping TV show about the life of a conman-turned-FBI consultant Neal Caffrey. It was like getting to be in a fraternity, which I never got to do in college so it was like entering into an endeavour that was quite intimidating (laughs) but everyone bonded together and we all stayed after our scenes were done to watch and support everyone else.

The Normal Heart boasts a stacked cast, which makes it no small praise to say that Bomer’s is the performance that lingers with you. Emma Brookner, a doctor literally flipping over tables in frustration as she attempts to get the word out about the disease that is killing her patients.

So to actually be a part of something like that as a grown-up, it’s like, man, you just check your ego at the door and try to serve the story. But I think he saved me on a more profound than practical level.

So we were 14- and 15-years-old doing scenes from The Destiny of Me and Angels in America, and would go to forensics competitions with other high schools and they’d be like, “Whoa! ” (Laughs)Is this the first time you’ve gotten to play a gay character on screen?

I did a one-off episode of The New Normal for Ryan Murphy, and that was the first time I played a gay role.

It’s a bleak and accurate statement that becomes all the more wrenching as Felix contracts the disease, flippantly referred to as “gay cancer,” and begins to die.

It’s shattering to watch Felix’s deterioration as his body succumbs to the effects of AIDS.

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