Who is slim thug dating dating personality type

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The rapper says he originally reached out to a real estate agent to help him take advantage of a government real estate short-sale program…but quickly got distracted by her cakes and lost sight of his original goal: It didn’t take long to find an agent, and over time we became very close.In fact, we became too close and found ourselves at a point where pleasure became more important than business.And although we really did love and care for each other, it just didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. We were back in forth for ten years, he’s like family to me. I wish him the best, it sucks because I’m as real as it gets, I’m a real person… Absolutely [speaking terms with all members], all of them. It was kind of tough because she wasn’t out there like that.

Who would have known that sex would lead to losing money? But this is one of the many mistakes that led me to talking more about money as part of my work. Neither is my net worth, but the lesson I learned is certainly priceless.

on Broadway, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the lovely Le Toya Luckett. Almost like, have you seen “Good question…I love all the girls. She’s such a sweetie pie, and I’m blessed to call her a friend. I think a lot of women don’t know their worth and they’re settling and I would definitely NOT do that.

The singer has been bitten by the acting bug over the last few years, and while she’s been busy honing her craft, working on shows like , which is premiering in January. But I would love to do a gospel song with Michelle. I would say it’s important to find that balance if you’re in a relationship already with work and your man. And if you’re getting out of a relationship, take the time for you to really clean house.

Slim and Le Toya broke up when he allegedly impregnated another woman so expect serious drama in this storyline.

In 2011, Slim openly shared that he got another woman pregnant and that was the cause of the break up.

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